Pushing students to their full potentials is my passion. With each and every session, I grow more and more excited about the idea of helping my writing students build confidence in their compositional endeavors. With Lo.Co. Private English Tutoring, you (or your student) will absolutely improve the way you think and write critically. You can expect to grow tremendously during my Orange County writing lessons because you will gain confidence in knowing that you can express your arguments, opinions, and academic or business information more clearly and powerfully than ever before. Trust that we will work together step by step towards the mastery of your writing process. Teaching writing is truly how I find joy in life. What better than to give back to the community that raised me? I invite you to watch my video and read some of my many reviews to learn more  about my experience, teaching style, and qualifications. 

Private, In-Home Writing & English Tutoring

Guiding students through their academic writing endeavors since 2011
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"Lauren was really encouraging and always had a ton of writing tips and tricks that got me through high school. I definitely got the hang of essays and now it's helping me in my college English classes." - Jack, Mission Viejo

"You were not just a tutor for Tatyana. You were a spiritual leader. You have helped her find a voice for self expression and understand complex ideas. She is incredibly mature, insightful and articulate speaking about complex subjects. I see your influence in her when she speaks. She is clear. She is in search for a means to express the emotions and feelings that make her who she is."                                                    - Aaron, Newport Coast

english tutor