Helpful Writing Hyperlinks

This site offers a thorough description of the academic writing process, as well as worksheets, exercises, and endless tips.

Take awesome, free writing courses on Coursera. These can help prepare you for high school or college writing classes by helping you build the necessary foundations in grammar, logic, argument, structure, etc.

PHschool offers wonderful online textbook resources for grades 6-12. Here, you'll find explanations, lessons, tests, quizzes, and writing prompts that can aid tremendously in terms of English literature, writing, and grammar.

This resource offers a description of several different essay styles. It's crucial to determine which essay model will best suit the content before the writing can begin. Use this to your advantage!

ESL students will encounter ways to enhance their grammar and write more directly in Standard Written English.

Writing process overview and compositional goals are offered in this .pdf.

This is perhaps the most useful resource because it contains an incredible list of external resources, including several online writing labs, books, manuals, workshops, and more!

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Though you should have access to online databases of scholarly and peer-reviewed journals through your current school's library, Google Scholar is a great supplement. Here, you'll find educational articles about countless topics.

Google Drive is both a great online locker and a method for collaboration. You'll be able to download free programs like Word and Photoshop, and share documents with anyone. You can even edit documents simultaneously.

"Writer's block" is a poor excuse for writerly laziness. Use these steps to keep your brain and fingers active.

Motivate yourself to write! Learn to write; write to learn.

Determine your learning style and find ways in which you can improve your attitude about writing.   

Grammarly is a paid-membership service that helps you check that your grammar is correct. You simply upload any amount of text into the system, and it'll complete a thorough grammar-check based on Standard Written English.

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