Frequently Asked Questions

What will lessons be like?

We will discuss literature and your student will complete short writing exercises in session with me. I assign homework, such as essays and other writing assignments, every week. We will assess homework together and come up with tactics and techniques to improve future writing assignments. Your student will be comprehending and responding more critically than before. I will work with your student through each step of the writing process, as well as teach your student how to formulate an essay to effectively express his argument. I normally have my students analyze literature (a novel that they choose or that has been chosen by the school) and use that to understand how to write more effectively; we will practice many of the techniques necessary for analytical and expository writing. I am very big on discussing literary topics, and really force my students to consider the "why" for everything that we discuss.

What does my student need to bring?

I expect my students to bring all materials, including schoolwork, a journal, a writing instrument (if not an online class, do not bring computer). I expect my student to bring his or her printed essays and full attention to each lesson. I also expect my students to be on time, and to give several days notice for a cancellation because I have never cancelled or rescheduled a lesson. If you need to stop, you’re not locked in. Many students who call on as needed basis and mostly weekly students.

Do you write papers for students?

Absolutely not. Not only does this undermine my values, it also hurts your student in the long run.

Can I get editing help on just one final paper or English project rather than weekly lessons?

Yes. While I prefer weekly sessions for maximum improvement, I understand that life can be messy. If you are behind on a paper, I’m here to help!

Do you teach creative writing (fiction/poetry)?

Yes, I’ve been teaching creative writing classes for over a year!

I don’t know exactly what my student is struggling with. Do you do an assessment?

Yes, a pre-assessment will consist of a short writing prompt to which your student will respond and email back to me before the first lesson. The first session is also a perfect way for me to conduct an assessment so that I can tailor my strategies and exercises to your student’s needs.

Is the first lesson free?

Because I am running a per-hire service, the first session is subject to the same payment on which we will agree before the first lesson.

Do you also have experience tutoring home-schoolers?

Yes! I have worked with 21 home-schoolers: analytical and creative writing.

How do you assign homework?

Each student will receive a personal Google Doc in which I will update the homework assignments weekly. Individualizes revision tips, as well as instructions for uploading homework, can both be found on the Google Doc.

Can you help me with an online English undergraduate or high school course?

I can absolutely assist with online English/writing courses. I still require in-person lessons for these.

Can I email you with questions about my homework?

While I am happy to answer any questions you have in session, I do not always have time to explain an assignment or revise a paper when we are not face to face. If you think you’ll require regular emailing between our weekly lessons, you are welcome to pre-pay. Otherwise, regular lessons fees do not include remote tutoring.

Who will you schedule lessons with: my student or me?

I do not share my cell phone number with students who are minors. In this case, the parent acts as liaison for all maters. In all cases, only the person who pays for lessons will be able to schedule or re-schedule. This person is usually the parent.

Can you recommend novels for my student to read?

I will provide extensive book lists to assist your student in his/her comprehension, writing, and analysis endeavors.

If my student doesn’t click with you, can we just do a trial session?

While I’ve never had that happen - I am happy with doing a trial lesson. 100% of the time, these “trial” lessons develop into weekly sessions.

What is your hourly rate?

I charge $45/hour and require a minimum of 1 hour per week to guarantee improvement. Everything else such as the meeting time and place - is up to you!

Do you offer discounts?

A pre-payment plan of at least 4 hours per month, will provide a $10 discount. A pre-payment plan of at least 8 hours per month, whether that's 2 hours per week for a single student or a sibling combo, will provide a $20 discount.

My student’s schedule changes every week. Can this be accommodated?

While I prefer that students maintain the weekly sessions they’ve signed up for - I can usually accommodate a shifting schedule. Be sure to call for an appointment at least one week before the date of your desired lesson.

What are your hours of operation?

I am available Sunday through Friday, from 8am to 8pm, meaning that the last session must end by 8pm.

I prefer that tutoring lessons are held outside of the home. Do you have a room/office for tutoring?

For cases in which the student’s home is not ideal for tutoring (for whatever reason), I prefer to meet at a beautiful and spacious Panera Bread nearest your home. Location is entirely up to you.

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