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Lauren is a gem and we are SO grateful we found her! My son is very bright but has mild dyslexia, dysgraphia and some visual processing disorders so language arts, reading, and writing have always been painful for him. Before Lauren, our lessons always ended in tears (his and mine!) Now, he looks forward to his lessons with Lauren and has even discovered some talent and enjoyment in language arts and writing. Believe me, this is nothing short of miraculous. Lauren is energetic, fun, and encouraging. I cannot recommend her enough!


Mission Viejo, CA

"Last night, my ninth grader was doing English HW and asked my oldest son (college graduate) what situational irony was. He gave his best shot at answering and Ian chimed in with, "No, it's this....." and preceded to explain what it was and gave an example. Thank you, Lauren, for your awesome teaching!! :)"


Irvine, CA

"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful classes at The Arbor this school year. Jewell enjoyed both semesters and loved having you as her writing teacher. You made the classes interesting, fun, and challenging. As a result, Jewell’s writing and literary analysis skills grew tremendously throughout the year. It was a joy to further explore discussions you started in class and share her enthusiasm and watch her growth as a writer."


Fullerton, CA

"Thank you for all you have provided our Compass kids this year! I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am that you showed up on the scene. I knew Ryann was a decent writer, but I also understood that I was not providing her with the direction, structure and challenge she needed to proceed in her academic career. I was very concerned that I was failing her in this area of her education, and I was beginning to investigate other avenues to provide further assistance in writing. I am so thankful you just fell into our laps! What a treasure. She LOVES your class, LOVES writing, and eagerly awaits her assignments from you."


Mission Viejo, CA

"Thank you so much for all your amazing work with the kids. Lia loves your class and has enjoyed writing so much more because of you and your classes."


Fullerton, CA

"We are very happy with Lauren. She has a unique ability to bring out the best in her students. I have seen a lot of improvement in my son within a month. He is able to finish is homework faster and answer questions more confidently."


Irvine, CA

"We are very happy to have Lauren tutoring our three kids. She is flexible and we were able to find a time that works for all of us. By listening to Lauren, we can tell right away that she is very experience and know exactly what she is doing. She showed up on time and prepared every time. Our children told us that the time went by so fast when they are with Lauren because they really enjoy the lessons. Lauren is really detailed and made sure they completely understand a certain topic before moving on to another. They felt that they are better at writing already after only three sessions. Her price is very reasonable and there is no doubt that it is the money well spent. We sure plan to stay with Lauren for a very long time, hopefully she is available and continue to tutor them at least until they finished high school."


Mission Viejo, CA

"I'm deeply thankful because you considered my writing and complemented my writing style. Thank you for teaching me writing techniques to avoid unnecessary repetition and grammar mistakes. I also thank you for giving all your effort to enhance my essay writing."


Irvine, CA

"I was so lucky to find Lauren!!!  I hired her to tutor my son on his college essay. Because he is in football, she was very accommodating to work with his schedule and meet at a place of his choice.  After the very first meeting (90 minutes), he came home with his thesis and complete rough drafts of both UC essays prompts. I was totally amazed because even though he is a bright student, English was never his forte.  The very next week, they met again for only 1 hour this time because he was ahead of the game from the first visit. Now he has completed both entire essays and he will email the final drafts to her for any additional edits. I am so thrilled that this process is done and he is ready to submit them to the UC and private schools right on time. What a relief!  I recommend her completely to anyone who needs help with essays.  She is very approachable and her fees are soooo reasonable."


Mission Viejo, CA

"There are three criteria we look for in a tutor: mastering the subject matter (in this case reading & writing), good at teaching (knowing how to transfer the knowledge and having a chemistry with students), and charging a reasonable price. We are happy to report that Lauren meets all criteria. She is friendly but firm and she works really well with our fifth grade daughter. We highly recommend Lauren."


Irvine, CA

I feel so lucky to find Lauren as my son's teacher. She is great with kids. My son just love the way she teaches. She really encourages the students to their full potential. She is very hard working energetic and has hold over her writing skills. She is very flexible with timings and very punctual. I have seen lot of change in my son since she started helping him. She understands what parents want and tries to work in that direction. Looking forward to some more years with her and I would recommend her to each and every parent who is looking for better writing skills for there kids.


Irvine, CA

"Lauren is a high-energy, high-achieving tutor who created an immediate bond with our granddaughter (17) and motivated her to complete her work. She makes learning fun, and still gets the assignments completed. We expect to use her througout the school year, as she is not only a tutor, but a mentor to our granddaughter."



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"Ms. Lauren comes over every Thursday to talk literature, language arts, and life with Aliyah. It’s supposed to be my time to chill or focus on something else but so often I just listen to their chats from another room because she’s just that engaging! Ms. Lauren, we adore you! Thank you for meeting our girl right where she’s at and for helping her formulate her thoughts and find her voice. What a gem you are!!"


Lake Forest, CA

"We really appreciate you working with Adith. We have seen good improvement in his writing skills. He would not have had initiative to participate in the Reflections contest if it weren't for you pushing and giving him confidence that he can write an essay. We hope that he will continue to apply what he has learned in his school work."


Irvine, CA

"She is very kind and bright. My son likes her very much. He usually doesn't talk much, but he talks a lot during the tutoring time with her. She encourages my son and draws his potential out. She is a very excellent tutor!"


Irvine, CA

"I’ve really appreciated you being my kids writing teacher this year. You have helped Megan so much in her writing skills. Peter loves having you as a teacher. He struggles with writing and he seems to write more for you in your class, then he does for me at home! Thank you again for all the work you have done for our kids."


Irvine, CA

"I wanted to thank you for this class and how much you have put into it.  I heard there was talk about the homework load in class, and I just wanted to let you know that I have felt you have done a great job in giving thoughtful assignments that were quite manageable in the weeks time.  I just wanted to make sure I sent that encouragement to you.  I have seen progress in Corbin and this is directly related to your teaching and your assignments.  So I wanted to thank you and encourage you."


Irvine, CA

"Hey Lauren, it's Eric and long time no see! I wanted to say hi and guess what! I had a book report on Historical Fiction and I chose “Night,” thinking of you! I loved that book and my eyes got a little teary at the end. I am also doing something called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I am writing a novel and every time I am writing I think of you and try to think of every technique you taught me. Hopefully we will tutor together soon!"


Irvine, CA

"I made it into the Beckman Early College Program! Thank you so much for all the help with the essay prep. Thanks so much!"


Irvine, CA

"Thank you for being such an inspiring teacher for Annika this semester. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her essays and I so proud of her literary progress."


Fullerton, CA

"I love that Emma has grown so much and feeling confident and I’m so happy about her critical thinking growth!"


Santa Ana, CA

"Lauren really helped me in my essay process. She was able to help me go from a mere outline to a great essay. She is great at helping with writers block, grammar, and essay structure. Highly recommend."


Laguna Hills, CA

"I had a great experience with Lauren and would highly recommend her to anyone. We contacted her late in the college essay process and she made time in her schedule to accommodate my daughter's deadline. Her prices were VERY reasonable. My daughter connected with her on a personal level, which inspired her to complete her essays with passion and conviction. I will definitely use Lauren's services again in the future!"


Seal Beach, CA

"After hunting for a college essay admission tutor throughout my senior summer, my mother was finally luckily enough to stumble upon Lauren. She is extremely personable, patient, and has a well-structured plan for every lesson. College essays require a lot of deep thought and personal reflection, and Lauren was always giving me ideas and positively reassuring me in the right direction. She is an awesome tutor and has even motivated me to write my entire personal statement in just two days!"


Mission Viejo, CA

"Good volume of homework, variety of materials and topics. It is challenging, but so refreshing. I am enjoying learning English and having great experience."


Orange, CA

"I'm really happy and excited that we found Lauren for my 10 year old daughter and she loves her teacher. My daughter never feels bored and Lauren encourages her with every little thing she does. We feel she improves her wrting and the charges are very reasonable."


Irvine, CA

Lauren is very professional. She can quickly identify student weakness and set high expectation to help student. She gives very organized homework and material. And the topic is challenging. I am glad to find her to help my student.



"Definitely the best tutor ever! Lauren has gone over my expectations as a tutor; always punctual and very patient. She truly has found her gift in life and is flourishing at an amazing rate. She really deserves your attention when it come to the subject of English. I needed help with an honors English class and she came through with flying colors. Her methods are new and innovative, and they are very effective as well. I have sometimes what's called a writers block, and she has seemed to have found a key to unlocking my disparity. Good luck Lauren and see you soon !"


Orange, CA

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